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Professional Laminating Equipment

The Pro-Lam has a built in high quality Electronic Circuit Board to give you versatility and consistency for various laminating jobs. Its external granular temperature control allows you to easily adjust it to the right temperature when changing pouch thickness, pouch composition or when you need to laminate different material.
ProLam Plus 330
Dual Heat System Laminator

The ProLam Plus 330 has a Dual Heating System (heated rollers & heated plate combination) for a more efficient lamination at lower temperatures. Allows for a perfect lamination of all standard pouch thickness (from 3 mils up to 10 mils). The heated-rollers allow a balanced heat distribution during laminating process, thus guaranteeing a crystal clear, bubble-free laminating result even when you laminate photos & ink-jet printouts.
Heavy-Duty Exclusive "Flex-Tite" System
UltraLam was designed with high quality components to render many years of trouble-free performance. Its exclusive "Flex-Tite" system allows it to adjust itself and maintain the proper laminating pressure with any document thickness (up to 0.08"). High Productivity! Its independent "On" and "Motor" switches permit it to be on stand-by or run continuously throughout the day. Ideal for frequent and heavy-duty loads!

Pro-Lam Photo
6 Roller Photo Pouch Laminator
The 6 Roller Thermal System (4 heated rollers + 2 Cold rollers) allows for a more professional, crystal-clear, bubble-free lamination finish. Advanced Photo-Ready Technology provides a balanced heat dissipation during laminating process, making it perfect for  laminating photographs and other hard to laminate materials. Its exclusive "Flex-Tite" system allows the rollers to adjust themselves and maintain the proper laminating pressure with different material thickness. Perfect for hot foiling and mounting.